Where form meets function

Familiar Star Wars characters are the subjects of Levinthal’s most recent series. However, these epic visages are composed of Legos, as Levinthal has in his signature fashion transformed these miniature action figures into powerful action heroes. These photos mimic the cinematic style of the Lucas films, transforming tiny bricks into legendary, larger-than-life Sci Fi stars.

Contrast is central to this series, as the figures are placed in front of monochromatic black backgrounds. The lighting is sharp, resulting in even more intimidating intergalactic machines, weapons, and their famed operators. The black and white walls of the exhibition’s installation further emphasize this contrast. Levinthal’s standard use of a narrow depth of field, soft focus, and the photographic trope of enlargement seen in his close-up shots bring a sense of life to the objects in the foreground. However, he does not attempt to completely remove all traces of the Lego aesthetic, allowing his viewers to see what is at play in his creation and representation of “outer space.” The photos showcase the humanized drama such toys have to offer to the imaginative.

“Attack of the Bricks: Star Wars”

September 8 – October 22, 2011
Opening reception: Thursday, September 8, 6-8pm
Gering & López Gallery
730 Fifth Avenue
New York NY 10019

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