01. The Dummy Guide To DFA Records

“This Friday former LCD Soundsystem man James Murphy brings his big box of disco records to XOYO in London to celebrate his label DFA’s 10th birthday. Founded by Murphy, former Unkle member Tim Goldsworthy and Jonathan Galkin, DFA Records has provided the soundtrack to the first decade of the 21st century and a home to artists such as Murphy himself, The Rapture, Hot Chip, Holy Ghost and many more.” (dummy)

02. Top 10 Sweatiest Movies

Even TIME Magazine is on the top-list bandwagon. “The arrival of Labor Day means one thing: our favorite season is coming to an end. To mark the end of summer, TIME takes a look at movies with copious amounts of perspiration…” (time)

03. German enthusiasts show true passion for rockabilly and rat rods.(above)

“The event is called Rust and Dust, but this year that dust was replaced with rain and mud. Still, the attendees of this automotive festival in Teterow, Germany arrived in large numbers to share their passion for rockabilly, rat rods and racing. The rain attempted to dampen spirits, but it was powerless against these German fans of American old school.” (autoblog)

04. Will The Next iPhone Be Thinner And Wider? A Gazillion Leaked Cases Say Yes

“The Internet is awash in purported iPhone 5 cases. Like most iPhone related rumors, it’s hard to decipher fact from fantasy, but the sheer amount of nearly identical cases seem to state that at least several manufacturing houses have the same iPhone dimensions. The image here is a iPhone 4 in one of these many cases. Look different? Yep, this case, and the many like it, are clearly for a phone that’s both thinner and wider.” (techcrunch)

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