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The Pizzly Bears By Masahiro Minnami Design – The rocking bears featured above are a testament of our current global situation. More and more parents are starting to realize the importance of teaching children about our impact on the world and the frailty of its animals and ecosystems.

Designer Masahiro Minnami has decided to do so by depicting a polar bear and a grizzly bear on ice, instead of the classic horse, on his daughters rocking toy. Why, you ask? Supposedly, grizzly bears, who are escaping North to beat the heat, have been caught breeding with polar bears that are avoiding the ice melt in the North Pole. This new species, first discovered in 2006, has been named the Pizzly bear.

Although most would typically be bummed out by this sad state of environmental affairs, Minnami used it as inspiration in his work. Check out to see more of his creations.

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