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The newest edition to Puma’s collaboration with Undefeated is a set of Nylon Ripstop Clydes (NRC’s) that hit stores this Saturday, September 10th. This simple military twist to the PUMA Clyde comes in four wearable colors for fall.

For a little more insight into the NRC read the Q&A with Eddie Cruz of Undefeated below:

Q. Can you tell us about the design inspiration behind the latest drop in the PUMA x Undefeated collaboration?
A. Military gear has been seeing a revival for the past couple of seasons; we wanted to build on this and looked to military inspired fabrics to transform the Clyde. The NRC’s are made from a high-quality Ripstop material.

Interview continues after the click, along with a full look at all 4 colors.

Q. What design challenges did you run into with the NRC’s?
A. It actually went pretty smooth. The first samples came out a little shiny, but were corrected by using a matted Nylon Ripstop instead. We are very happy with the end results. I think our mission was accomplished with this Clyde. It’s simple, wearable and it has a twist

Q. How do you feel this drop compares to the first two releases in the PUMA x Undefeated Collection – The Stripe-Off Clydes and The Cali Canvas Clydes?
A. There’s no comparison at all. Since it’s a collection, we wanted to make sure we did something different for every drop, while still keeping it cohesive, especially since we’re only working with one style – The Clyde.

Q. How do you feel these Clydes fit into other fall trends you are seeing in the marketplace?
A. Aside from the pearl white, we went with darker colors that fit right in. Olive, Navy and Black. Most importantly, people love breaking out their technical jackets in the fall. This Clyde is definitely complimented by a nice technical waterproof jacket.

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