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If you’ve ever traversed the chaotic streets of New York’s tourist-ridden SoHo neighborhood, then you’ll understand both the charm and disarray of the stacked buildings and over-populated stores and cafes. The watercolor and ink drawings of NYC’s Soho neighborhood are reflective of the city’s energy, packed with people and brimming with new development, and her depictions of Wall Street show new hope with construction of the former World Trade Center.

Ayhens’ new series, ‘New York Drawings,’ includes views of the construction site of the 9-11 memorial, which the artist had a view of from her  studio in the former World Trade Center, where she began her visual studies of New York.

An exhibition of “New York Drawings” runs through October 8, 2011 at Adam Baumgold Gallery in New York.

Adam Baumgold Gallery
60 E 66th St.
Nw York, NY 10065

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