Beginning September 29, Ana Serrano’s solo exhibit at Rice Gallery will explore urban planning in an exhibit fill of small sculptures of buildings that portray what many of us forget to notice on a daily basis. From the gallery:

In Salon of Beauty, Ana Serrano will enlarge these details in a cityscape of buildings that playfully mix together her observations of the unexpected and ephemeral nature of a city constantly being made and unmade by its residents.

She saw the phrase “Salon of Beauty” on the side of a small mom and pop beauty salon, and was struck by its slightly awkward, yet poetic quality. Later she realized it was a literal translation of the Spanish phrase, Salón De Belleza, which normally would be translated into English as “Beauty Salon.” The circumstances of how she found the phrase and the word “beauty” resonated perfectly for Serrano in her hope to point out what she calls an “untraditional beauty,” things that in traditional visions of the orderly or pristine city might be cast aside as the “ugly” side of urban life.

Rice Gallery
61 Main Street
Houston TX 77005

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