Beginning October 20, Emil Alzamora’s mixed media sculptures will show in “A Nice Reflection,” a solo exhibit at Krause Gallery. From the gallery:

Comprised of recent mixed media figurative sculptures, the exhibit will showcase the artist’s first Manhattan based solo show with three life-size works alongside two life-size busts and multiple smaller works. A NICE REFLECTION, refers to both the show in general as well as one of the central works in the exhibition. An oxidized, contemplative and seemingly frozen form of a man stares deeply into a polished section of a rusted steel plate as though waiting eternally for the answer to unravel. This type of consideration takes on many shapes and forms, each culled from equal parts careful planning and measured spontaneity. Working without models or photographs, Alzamora’s intuitive submersion into the creative process is revealed through these compelling and original works of art.

Krause Gallery
149 Orchard Street
New York, NY 10002

Check out a “making of “video after the jump.

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