New York’a Lower East Side neighborhood has become a place where young people are allowed to flex their creative muscles, and skaters, tattooed models and rebellious yuppies can all be found wandering the streets. But before its inception into “cool”, the LES was a close community of Jewish residents, who largely shaped the culture of downtown Manhattan. “Jews, a People’s History of the Lower East Side” is a 3-part anthology shedding light on the LES’s rich history.

From the project’s Kickstarter page:

Jews, A People’s History of the Lower East Side is a three volume anthology edited by Clayton Patterson and Dr. Mareleyn Schneider. The first volume addresses the social history of Judaism in the neighborhood. The second and third volumes follow these threads into modern culture, examining contributions to art, business, and community in downtown New York. Compiling more than 150 chapters contributed by an international host of writers, these three volumes investigate individuals, movements, and institutions that have impacted the city, the country, and the entire planet.

The editors have spent the past three years bringing together more than 150 authors to examine how Jews have shaped the culture, landscape, and politics of the Lower East Side over the past two centuries. So far, over $2,200 has been pledged in an effort to reach the $15,000 goal with 45 more days to go. Check out more on the Kickstarter page.

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