Before there was Banksy hype, there was a piece of the artist’s work on a wall many people passed and probably didn’t think twice about. But after layers of wall in a Berlin art gallery were stripped away as part of an installation by Brad Downey,a Banksy work with five soldiers, winged angels and smiley faces was uncovered. Downey, a Berlin-based American artist, is showing an exhibition titled “What Lies Beneath,” and focuses on layers of paint.  Downey, who also took part in the 2003 exhibit with the anonymous street artist, remembered Banksy’s work and wanted to uncover it for his 2011 project.

Head of the Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien gallery, Stephane Bauer, is unsure of what will happen to Banksy’s work once Downey’s exhibit ends on October 23rd. It could go back to hiding behind newer works, unless someone buys it for a presumably large amount of money.


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