01. The Worst of Times After Years of Success

“Fewer than two dozen Arsenal supporters gathered at the Herbert Chapman pub near Emirates Stadium, hoping to raise a glass in triumph but resigned to lower expectations.

“We’re getting less and less people here as Arsenal get worse and worse,” Emily Burr, 19, the bartender, said of the thin crowd before Tuesday’s Champions League match from Germany began on the pub’s big-screen television.” (New York Times)

02. Remembering Wardell Quezergue

“Wardell Quezergue died today, at the age of 81. Amongst the giants of NOLA’s R&B/funk community, Wardell wasn’t necessarily as influential as Allen Toussaint nor as prolific as Eddie Bo but he was as quintessential a shaper of NOLA’s R&B sound as anyone, and easily one of the most successful, based on a handful of mega-hits he had his hand in.” (Soul Sides)

03. Cynthia Lawrence-John (pictured)

“Cynthia Lawrence-John is a very busy woman. We are pleased the freelance stylist and Fashion Director of Volt Magazine, a bi-annual independent fashion magazine, found some time in her hectic schedule to meet us in her clothes-crammed studio apartment in London-Islington to talk fashion.” (Freunde Von Freunden)

04. French fashion news overshadows New York shows

What is with these French fashion houses? Do they not get enough attention?

– Louis Vuitton became the talk of New York Fashion Week when it announced Yves Carcelle, chief executive, was stepping down — but not now, in a year!

– Ungaro revealed that it was parting ways with its designer, Giles Deacon

– A French court upheld an earlier ruling that the majority family shareholders of Hermès could indeed, combine their shares without having to make the usual tender for the outstanding stock

New York fashion? What’s that? (Financial Times)

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