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In protest to the recent anti-mural moratorium issued by the city of Los Angeles, street artist Saber enlists sky writing planes to write his his name, along with those of other prominent street artists. The ordinance, intended to curb the proliferation of commercial signage in the Los Angeles area, apparently prohibits creating large scale murals, even with the property owner’s permission. According the Venice Arts Council:

Murals Continue to be Outlawed by Newly Proposed Sign Ordinance in City of L.A.
The City of Los Angeles Planning Department has proposed a new sign ordinance. This ordinance is meant to address the unwanted proliferations of signs in the City of Los Angeles, but it has dramatic effects on murals. The proposed ordinance severely limits the size, scope and placement of murals of any kind. There is currently a moratorium against any signs or murals being erected on private property in the City of Los Angeles. In fact, murals on private property in the City of LA have been banned since June of 2007. The Planning Department believes murals have actually been outlawed since the year 2002. If this proposal passes as presented, it will severely limit any type of mural work on private property for many years to come.

Saber’s petition in the sky has already been acknowledged by the likes of Shepard Fairey who tweeted today “If you are in Los Angeles right meow, Look up!”

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