We caught up with Chris Shannon after his sportswear influenced, comb-filled show on Wednesday and spoke briefly with him about the brand, where it’s going and, of course, the new collection. Take a leap to read it.

How are you?

I’m good, worn out but I’m good. Everyone was quite buzzy about the show when they came back, which is good..

How did the show go?

I thought it went well. I only watched a bit of it on the monitor and there was quite a lot going on even though it was edited so I was a bit unsure about the changes but I think it was nice. I think it’s a move forward for us.

We noticed you had a leafy, camoflaguey thing at the front this time

Yeah, I just wanted to, these tents are so sterile, so we did the goodie bags in different way so it felt like our showroom rather than in and out of the same venue.

How have the outfits changed? (Chris: You tell me) They’re looked to be more check

A lot more check, I think the pieces from last season were really trouser crazy and obviously the shoes were a bit more grown up. I just wanted it to be a bit more clean and edited rather than, it was quite full on, the way it was last season.

Have you settled into stores now?

Last season we doubled our stores in one go and already people have ordered in before the shows so I can’t complain, it just keeps going on and getting bigger.

What are your plans now?

I’m off to do a bit of consultancy and then I’m going to France for a week.

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