01. Boys To Men

“I thought it would be fun to listen in as Oscar asked his dad (Glenn O’ Brien) a few questions on the subject of manhood, the differences between the sexes, first girlfriends and, of course, the importance of good looks and table manners.” (Paper Magazine)

02. Meet Lana Del Rey, the New Singer Music Bloggers Love to Hate (Pictured)

“Lana Del Rey, the 24-year-old indie sensation billed to the world — or music bloggers — as the “gangster Nancy Sinatra,” was supposed to give her first official concert tonight at the Box. That show, which sold out in minutes, has since been postponed to secure a larger venue; meanwhile, her first single, “Video Games,” is set for release on October 9. If you’re familiar with Del Rey, it’s probably because of “Video Games,” which went MP3-blog viral (meaning not that viral) in August, or because of the crankiness surrounding her rapid rise to Internet fame. If you’re not, allow us to break it down for you.” (NY Mag)

03. Inky Fingers: Maggoty Lamb gets interactive with Q and learns a little bit of Respect

“Have you ever held an iPhone eight inches from a picture of Kasabian? It’s not a good feeling. In fact, if you were looking for a pithy summation of everything that has ever gone wrong with magazine journalism’s despairing attempts to harness the power/neutralise the threat (delete according to willingness to face the truth) of mobile internet technology, the experience offered by Q’s inaugural “interactive” edition would be hard to better.” (Guardian)

04. UC Berkeley Scientists ‘See’ Movies in the Mind

“California scientists have found a way to see through another person’s eyes.

Researchers from UC Berkeley were able to reconstruct YouTube videos from viewers’ brain activity — a feat that might one day offer a glimpse into our dreams, memories and even fantasies.” (ABC News)

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