01. Disputed: Hagler vs. Leonard: Oral History

“he 1980s were a golden age for the welterweight and middleweight divisions of boxing. The era was headlined by four all-time greats: Sugar Ray Leonard, Marvelous Marvin Hagler, Thomas Hearns, and Roberto Duran. Between 1980 and 1985, each of them fought all the others, except for Hagler and Leonard. When they finally clashed in 1987, it was the climax of that extraordinary series — not literally the last fight among the foursome, but the last one that mattered. Hagler, the middleweight champion making his 13th defense, and Leonard, the former welterweight champ who was coming off a three-year retirement, were fighting for bragging rights over all their rivals. Who could have guessed that they would still be fighting over those bragging rights more than two decades later?” (grantland)

02. Athletes Are Human, But Are We?

“Aaron Gordon wonders if we should feel bad for athletes when they fail.” (thegoodmenproject)

03. Fernando Torres’s miss against United was not the worst ever

“So here, if you have recently had such a discussion, or possibly might have one in the near future, is some ammunition. And it seems pretty clear that not only is Torres’s effort not the worst of all time, is isn’t even very close to being the worst of the last year. Indeed, it is quite possibly not even the worst open-goal miss by a Spanish international striker in 2011.” (guardian)

04. The Nevermind Happy Meal

“Nirvana’s second album — the immeasurably influential and multi-million selling Nevermind — somehow turns 20 tomorrow. The band sent out the following handwritten letter to a number of fans during the run-up to its release on September 24th of 1991, and jokingly referred to, amongst other things, a tie-in with McDonald’s whereby copies of the forthcoming album would be bundled in with Happy Meals. Thankfully it remained fictional.” (lettersofnote)

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