Where the runway meets the street

One of my favorite money advice blogs pointed me at this interesting read, published back in 2009 from Penguin Books. Cheap: The High Cost of Discount Culture is a look into how the world of discount goods has played against the landscape of economic growth and globalization. More importantly, Cheap, discusses the rise of the local economy that looks to help re-balance the world, in some regard.

This is what Publisher’s Weekly had to say on the book: “Atlantic correspondent [Ellen] Shell tackles more than just discount culture in this wide-ranging book that argues that the American drive toward bargain-hunting and low-price goods has a hidden cost in lower wages for workers and reduced quality of goods for consumers… In the book’s most involving passages, Shell deftly analyzes the psychology of pricing and demonstrates how retailers manipulate subconscious bargain triggers that affect even the most knowing consumers.” This looks like a most interesting read.

Available now from Amazon.

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