In an interesting team-up, Union Los Angeles gets together with marketing master Reggieknow for “Mousetrap”, a video lookbook for the Union LA and Fashion Figure Inc. collaboration. Chris and Reggieknow both star in the short, which is part film and part guerilla lookbook for their t-shirt and shoe collaboration, collector vintage Fila and 80’s style.

““Mousetrap” is a Carte Blanche agency produced film headed by Kwesi Thomas and directed by Reggieknow. Reggieknow describes the plot as a cheesy 2011 love story told in a 1986 fashion. The films begins when Chris and Reggieknow unexpectedly meet the leader of the “Mousetrap Club” The lead “mousetrapketeer” has a business of her own with no interest in Chris at first. She distracts Chris from his loyal worker Reggieknow who wants to expand the Union L.A. business by adding Fashion Figure Inc. to their lists of operations, an idea that parallels their real life collaboration. Chris invites the “mousetrapketeers” over to his “trap house” (a street term for where one runs illegal business) where the courtship continues with the company of more “mousetrapketeers”.

We have said enough, you just have to watch it. Enjoy!

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