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We recently had the chance to spend an afternoon with Bryan Greenberg, star of the hit HBO series How to Make It in America. The show, which chronicles Ben Epstein (Bryan) his friend Cam Calderon’s efforts to succeed in New York City’s fashion scene is about to enter it’s second season, so naturally we asked him what’s in store. We also styled him in some fresh Simon Spurr and Nike gear, a look not dissimilar to what he wears on camera.

See the full editorial here and read below for our Q&A.

New season, new changes. Tell us a little bit about what will happen in season two.
Ben and Cam now have a small business and this season they’re on the verge of becoming a very big business so with that that stakes get raised. Ben has an identity crisis of who he is and what he wants his business to be. Overall the show gets a lot more sexier and funnier this season!

Photography: Robert Wunsch/

What’s been the best part about filming season two of the show?
Just knowing that I was working on something that was a lot more solid, refined and locked in. I felt like I was working on something truly great.

In the show, your character works the fashion grind through NYC and beyond. Has this given you any interest in your to think about designing yourself?
It’s definitely peaked my interest now that I have immersed myself in the fashion world. I’ve learned so much about it. I’ve refined my fashion taste and figured out what I like and don’t like. Who knows, maybe someday I’ll find myself on the designing end.

You have mentioned that this was your first season experiencing NYFW. Has the week brought you closer to your character and/or will the experience help shape your role in the show?
Completely. I hope that we get the chance to shoot more seasons, if that’s the case then my character Ben is only going to get deeper into the fashion world. Going to fashion week and meeting designers, seeing how it works behind the scenes is all great research.

Check out the full fashion editorial with Bryan wearing Simon Spurr and Nike Sportswear here.

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