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Photographer Michael Muller teams up with contemporary painter Sage Vaughn for a series called “Opposing Instincts” at The Outsiders gallery in London.

Sage Vaughn: a contemporary painter honed in street art noted for his colourful portrayals of wildlife. Michael Muller: a Hollywood photographer with top-flight production values and a personal penchant for underwater photography, especially of sharks. They surf together, and now they make art together. It’s a symbiotic relationship with absolutely spectacular results.

Sage paints in his signature style over Muller’s magnificent photos, creating a whole that’s greater even than the sum of these particular parts.

“I was introduced to Muller in Malibu by a good friend. He told me about a project he had been working towards down in Mexico: great white sharks, underwater lighting systems, cages, it all sounded incredible.

“We’d meet and talk about life, art, waves… One day he asked if I wanted to get some paint on one of the photos he took of the sharks. When I looked at those shots for the first time, my jaw dropped. I’ve been obsessed with sharks since I was a little kid, and even more so since I started surfing, but I had never seen shark images like these. Mike had taken such a different approach to portraying these amazing animals. The amount of character contained in these creatures’ faces was so beautiful, I couldn’t help but be inspired. When our first collaborative piece was finished we knew we were really on to something…”

Artists: Michael Muller and Sage Vaughn
Location: The Outsiders – London
Dates: Thursday 6th of October 2011 to Saturday 29th of October 2011

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