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New York’s Curtis Kuilig, better known as “Love Me” is opening a joint installation with L.A.’s SKULLPHONE, this evening at Mallick Williams. The collection is entitled “Scripture.”

Curtis Kulig decamped to New York where he splatters the words “LOVE ME” across the city’s sprawl. Shouting from dripping red rooftop rollers to a uniform sticky message reigning over the cityscape… is his message an honest plea, or just a self-conscious hypocritical statement that is filled with self-doubt? Inverting the I heart NY slogan to the most basic of human desires, “LOVE ME” is becoming a New York icon by being virtually everywhere you turn; confronting onlookers with their most primitive human needs when they least expect it.

Best known for his witty black-and-white image of a skull holding a cell phone, Skullphone began installing artwork on city streets in 1999. In addition to his overlapping appropriation outdoors – reworking, enlarging, and repeating imagery – Skullphone’s oeuvre has expanded through calculated re-contextualization indoors. His new work examines contradictions in digital media, demonstrating cause for both wonder and concern over the increasingly ubiquitous medium. Skullphone has recently shown at Subliminal Projects, New Image Art Gallery, the Riverside Art Museum, and was featured in MOCA’s 2009 FRESH Auction.


Mallick Williams & Co. Gallery 150 11th Avenue, NYC

From October 6th to November 6th

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