It is pretty clear that the appreciation and love for the tube amp “sound” is stronger today than it has been over the past decade. There is a good reason of course: the sound of tubes bring a warmth and wide sound not common from today’s chip based amps. That warmth does not usually come easy though. While price is usually the deterrent, finding replacement tubes (they do burn out) may not have been as easy. Lucky for us that supply chain has also adjusted with the increased awareness.

McIntosh, one of the remaining true heritage hi-fi equipment producers in the United States, celebrates 50 years in the tube amplification game with an upgraded take on the MC275 tube amp. The “anniversary” edition is a helluva an all-inclusive amp. The classic MC275 tube amp sports multiple inputs, a solid LED display, an a power management unit that shuts down the amp when one of the tube burns out. Add in some gold plating and the McIntosh MC275 50th Anniversary Tube Amplifier is a stunner at $6500 and comes in  a special edition box with commemorative book.

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