Our latest Ego Boost subject is Lyndon Cormack, co-owner of Herschel Supply Co. Pictured above right with his brother (and the other Herschel co-owner) Jamie. Read on for Lyndon’s thoughts.

Manufacturing travel bags…..is both inspiring and challenging.

When I leave on trips I always….bring way too many pairs of shoes.

The biggest mistake I see people make
…is staying at jobs that don’t inspire them simply because they become comfortable.

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My go-to Karaoke song…. is Lay Lady Lay, Bob Dylan. I happen to be a terrible singer and do the song no justice.

The top five albums I can’t live without….. The Beatles -The White Album, The Strokes – Is This It, Ryan Adams – Gold, Willie Nelson – Red Headed Stranger, Café Del Mar – Volume 2

To have a strong brand
…..you must have a complete understanding of your point of difference, identify your core values and mission statement and stick to a focused plan

The most scared I’ve ever been…. was driving up to the scene of a car accident and saw my brother’s car completely written off. Thankfully, although he was rushed to the hospital, he was okay.

A sturdy back pack…..is built from heavy weight cotton canvas.

I realized I wanted my own brand….. when I couldn’t find what I was looking for.

A good story…. is the story of Steve Jobs and Apple.

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