Where the runway meets the street

01. Twins: Houses in Five Parts / William O’Brien Jr

“This design proposal for two vacation homes for two brothers and their families on one plot of land in upstate New York represents an examination of a curious part to whole relationship. The mathematical principle of “dissection” states that any two regular polygons with equal areas can be divided into sets of similar shapes; “minimal dissection” is the pursuit of the fewest number of subdivisions in each polygon. This scheme appropriates this principle as a solution to (1) general similarities in the programmatic requirements, and (2) distinctions in the desired relationships to the site, voiced by the two brothers for each of their homes.” (archdaily)

02. The U Cafe

“THE U CAFÉ is an independent magazine exhibition in collaboration with select cafés throughout Singapore in conjunction with the launch of UNDERSCORE N°3: THE FIGHT ISSUE. The idea; to enjoy an ideal magazine/café experience. It is our intention to encourage an awareness of international independent magazines with distinct design and content. All magazines have been curated and exhibited in independent cafés that proudly dedicate themselves to the art of the culinary and brew. During this event, specialty coffee, drinks and snacks will be crafted to complete your reading pleasure.” (aahm)

03. Saddam Hussein “porn double” escapes violent gang of Egyptian porno kidnappers. For the second time.

“Mohamed Bishr was minding his own business last Sunday, walking to a local cafe in the Egyptian city of Alexandria, when three black-suited guys grabbed him and shoved him in the back of a van. They kidnapped him and beat him, and planned to force him to perform in adult films because he looks like the late Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.” (boingboing)

04. Veuve Clicquot Hotel du Marc

“Embargoed until a few hours ago ~ it’s been driving me crazy to sit on these pictures from my few hours in Reims, France for lunch a few weeks ago! Veuve Clicquot’s Hotel du Marc, which is barely a hotel at all ~ more of a magical guest mansion of sorts in Reims that Veuve Cliquot uses for special occasions ~ has recently finished its restoration/remodel which now includes some lovely themed guest rooms filled with modern art as well as hints of its past! From the beautiful staircase and the Chanel like faceted mirrors, to the Veuve-yellow Smeg and wall of champagne… the ornate chandeliered dining rooms to the modern portraits lining the hallway to the guest rooms… there is so much to take in, but here’s a first peek into their world!” (notcot)

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