From the ground up

Today, Converse announces the launch of the Kicks Hawaii for Converse Chuck Taylor All Star shoe for Holiday 2011. This limited edition shoe marks Converse’s third collaboration with Kicks Hawaii. This special tiger camouflage version of the Chuck Taylor All Star shoe also marks the boutique’s 10th anniversary.

A recurring motif since the boutique opened, the tiger shark which is native to the waters of the islands, is featured in the store’s logo. For their anniversary collaboration, Kicks Hawaii chose to subtly reference the tiger shark by using a special tiger camouflage pattern to adorn the upper of the shoe.

The shoe’s olive, tan and brown tiger camouflage pattern is pin-point laser-printed on the upper, tongue and toe cap. Keeping the design clean, Kicks Hawaii uses traditional white Chuck Taylor All Star rubber sidewalls, yet with a fresh, subtle pop of orange on the shoe’s outsole, lining and on a triangle of leather gracing the left shoe’s tongue.

The sneakers will be released on October 22nd 2011, at Kicks Hawaii in Honolulu and Guam and St. Alfred in Chicago and will retail for 70 USD.

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