Aaron Hansen of Brooklyn-based Contego Eyewear (pictured above left) is latest victim of our finish-the-sentence Ego Boost segment…

The most obvious place to misplace your shades is at the office, in my desk drawer full of them, I can’t ever find the ones I wore to start the day.

The biggest trend you see happening right now is philanthropic based consumerism—the Tom’s Shoes Business Model.

The number one thing about being a Brooklyn-based brand is we keep on making it and everyone else keeps on taking it.

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The hardest thing about working with your partner is figuring out who’s picking up the beer and who’s driving.

The best thing about surfing hype blogs is when you stop surfing hype blogs.

I always wondered why I love Taco Bell so much. Oh, that’s right, because it’s delicious.

When the end of the world comes in the year 2000…wait that didn’t happen. I can’t be arrogant enough to say that we will see that in my lifetime. The world is 96 million years old, I’ll be here for 80.

When out in nature, I fuck with Sasquatch.

The craziest thing I’ve ever done cannot be defined in one sentence, but eight words— Puerto Penasco Mexico, Styrofoam Frog Hat, Mucho Drogas.

Polarized lenses are better to see through dresses…I mean to cut the glare, the glare, that’s it.

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