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The latest installment of our Ego Boost series brings us to Una Kim of footwear company Keep. Read on to hear her thoughts on a number of life questions.

The best part about my job… is working with people I love and respect every day. There is very little bullshit working at Keep. There’s no ego. There is just the work, the creativity and the community.

Running an independent business… can be incredibly draining and humbling, but it’s a beautiful thing, especially when you get to interact with people you care about all day long.

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When I feel like going shopping…
I figure out exactly what I want and then sit on it for a day so I can be certain it’s not just an impulse. I mostly buy books and cooking or food related items.

The most important thing about my product… is that it’s made by real people. We make things that we want to wear and that speak to us and hopefully to others.

My opinion of American politics… is that we are not adequately served by a two party system. I think it dilutes values, by default shifts things to the right, and encourages a continuing cycle of ineffectiveness that compromises away most things of true worth.

The cutest animal ever…
is obviously one of my cats.

When I hear people say Keep is a women’s shoe company… I think, wow, you’re behind, and then I promptly forget about them. Keep began as a women’s footwear company but have been fully unisex for several years. We’ve always been bro-friendly.

Cruelty free products… are a no-brainer, even if you hate animals.

When dining out in LA… I make sure the company is good. Food is only as good as the love with which you eat it.

Design inspiration usually comes… from every day life. Inspiration comes to you, you don’t go to it. Be open, be respectful and be honest with yourself. It will come.

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