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ASVOF points us at a new exhibition of G.G. Allin’s illustrations being shown at the Cordalunga venus in Vittorio Veneta, Italy. The exhibition, set to open on October 28, also kicks off the launch of Pizza Magazine’s issue featuring Allin’s work.” On the occasion of the exhibition will be presented the third issue of Pizza Magazine, which features on the cover and in a twelve pages special “Jesus”, a project by Nico Vascellari inspired by the personalities of GG Allin and Klaus Kinski, currently exhibited at Museo Maga after having been shown at Marina Abramovic Institute in S.Francisco (august 2010) and Pinchuk Art Centre in Kiev (october 2010).” 100 copies of the limited version of Pizza will be on sale at the opening.

At this point, some readers will either explore the man or decide to leave this very page based on the post above.

The exhibition runs through November 24.

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