01. 6 Brown Eggs (Concept) (above)

“Designed by Sarah Machicado, a graduate from Maryland Institute College of Art….Brand and Sustainable Package Design concept for 6 extra large, organic brown eggs. Envisioned to be printed with soy based inks on 100% post consumer corrugated paper board, an environmentally conscience alternative to a plastic incased egg package.” (potw)

02. iPhone Stencil

“For all the toys we have that have basically eliminated the need to write anything out by hand, there’s still something that draws us to a pen and pad of paper. Sure, we still plug away at our keyboards and iPhones, but – just like an elderly relationship – there’s no intimacy. If you feel the same way and happen to be in the process of, or are thinking about, designing an App, the iPhone Stencil from AC Gears will help you lay it all out neatly. Hey, if someone is making money of flinging birds around the screen, you’ve gotta have an idea that could make its way onto iTunes. $30” (coolmaterial)

03. Carhartt WIP Store Opening NYC

The store will feature WORK IN PROGRESS products and future collaborations (APC, VANS etc.).
During the store’s opening, Carhartt will be releasing special products made together with FRAGMENT DESIGN, exclusively available at Carhartt WIP Store NYC.

If you are in New York, please stop by : CARHARTT WIP store, 119 Crosby Street, Soho, New York City.
Grand Opening: October 27th 2011, 11.30 AM.

04. Who Invented the Seven-Game Series?

“John T. Brush was an orphan, a Civil War veteran, and a robber baron. He was born in 1845, and by the 1880s, he was a prominent baseball owner, a crotchety tycoon who used his department-store fortune to purchase franchises in Indianapolis and Cincinnati before taking control of the National League’s New York Giants. It was Brush who first proposed an unpopular salary cap he referred to as the “Brush Classification Plan.” It was Brush who harbored such a grudge against the American League that he refused to allow his Giants to play the Boston Pilgrims in 1904, thereby resulting in the first of the two World Series-less falls of the 20th century. The players disliked him; the media tore into him with a purplish rage. “Chicanery is the ozone which keeps his old frame from snapping,” wrote the Sporting News, “and dark-lantern methods the food which vitalizes his body tissues.” (grantland)

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