01. Patten “Plurals” Video

“From patten’s ‘GLAQJO XAACSSO’ album, out now through No Pain In Pop.” (factmag)

02. Building a Successful Furniture Business, Part 5: Hellman-Chang Wonders “How Do We Take Over?”

“In Part 4 we saw Hellman-Chang attract the interest of A. Rudin, a well-established, fourth-generation family-run showroom and furniture line serving interior designers and architects. Now Dan Hellman and Eric Chang have to step up and find the cash, time and manpower to fulfill an order far beyond what they’ve been able to produce thus far.” (core77)

03. Coca-Cola Red Cans Turn Arctic White

“Beginning next month, white will be the new red. Coca-Cola and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) are joining forces in a bold new campaign to help protect the polar bear’s Arctic home. For the first time ever, Coca-Cola is turning its iconic red cans white in celebration of the polar bear and committing up to $3 million to WWF’s polar bear conservation efforts. The Company is also asking fans in the U.S. to join the ‘Arctic Home’ campaign by texting donations.” (dieline)

04. David Calvo Solves A Rubik’s Cube In Less Than A Minute… While Juggling

“Get with the program internet. We’re no longer impressed by videos of people juggling or solving Rubik’s cubes in a few seconds. Oh wait, this guy does them both at the same time? Daaaayum. That’s impressive. But now I’m bored again… and with heightened expectations of YouTube videos. Thanks a lot juggling Rubik’s cube guy! (Where’s that sarcasm font when you need it?) Okay, seriously, I’m freaking out. I need more procrastination material or I might have to actually do some real work. Quick! Someone upload a video of a cat making a weird face while skiing on watermelons and rapping about double rainbows!” (incrediblethings)

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