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Tired of your usual ‘costume’ of dressing up as the hippest kid on the block? Good. Because that’s what everyone else is going as anyways.

In the spirit of standing out (or right alongside) the crowd of ‘unique individuals’, we thought perhaps we could suggest a few alternatives to the currently traditional zombie/vampire mope rock pseudo-sex god that everyone is planning to go as this weekend.

Alternate suggestions happily accepted in the comments section.

For the lazy man: Kris Kross

Irony has really been having it’s moment the last decade or so. Muscle cars, analogue, Terry Richardson(!). So take it back to the proverbial old school without ever leaving your closet, by simply turning everything inside out and jumping around. Accessorize with one of those dread helmets Jeffrey Wright sent to Bowie Warhol in Basquiat, and you’re good.

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For the memetically enthusiastic: Hipster cop

You’ve all seen the (endless) interviews with the Occupy Wall Street police liaison/ cardigan acolyte now forever known as Hipster Cop. Those Twitter jokes are never- ending (‘He only uses pepper spray ironically’, et cetera). Now, blog The Stir has helpfully posted instructions on how to be Hipster Cop for Halloween. Probably neither the first time, nor the last, that someone found their costume at J Crew.

For the fashionisto: Justin Timberlake

This one’s easy. Just grab yourself a Fedora (Rag & Bone ought be to able to help out), vintage concert t, a Prince of Wales checked blazer, and some Naked & Famous skinnies. You’ll get endless points from the ladies, but then everyone could just mistake your costume as Justin Theroux, or Ed Westwick, or half the dudes in my building (myself probably included).

For the Aoyamacolytes: Vintage Hiroshi Fujiwara

Butter simple. Grab a chain, denims, sweater, and a flat cap. Basically, just dress like Erick Sermon with a scarf on. Accessorize with your own versions of Nigo and/or Takahashi Jun for bonus authenticity points.

Text by @quentincrispy

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