Here’s the truth: using the headphone jack on your  iPod, iPhone or iTouch for a stereo system connection is not ideal for getting the best sound. That headphone jack was made for headphones, not for sending audio to your stereo system. When you think about the good money you spend on buying that ultimate hi-fi setup, it seems a crying shame to not give your iPod the best output it can. Peachtree Audio makes the iDAC: a true digital to analog converter that provides the very best way to play music out of your iPod through your stereo. The top of the unit features a built in iPhone, iPod dock and countless connections on the rear to get you up and running.

But it does not stop there. The Peachtree Audio iDAC also acts as a converter to output directly from your computer as well using a USB connection. I use a similar DAC now for sending music to my stereo and it is a strong improvement in sound. This device is of course for the hi-fi aficionado (ie: geeks like me) and does not come cheap. The Peachtree Audio iDAC runs around $1000. Money well spent, truly.

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