01. RECENTLY, RANDOMLY #73 (Pictured)

“A friend called mega-long blog posts that freezes her PC “a hundred yard long piece of toilet paper”. Well, here is another seemingly endless, non-perforated bog roll of a post!” (This is Naive)

02. Inimitable: A Jean Claude Vannier Rockfort Interview

“Below, Jean-Claude Vannier recounts how the writer Michel Houellebecq once said to him, “Every time I hear a song that I like, you’re always involved in one way or another.” At the end of last year when I was listening to Emmanuelle Parrenin’s Maison Rose for the first time, I was quickly struck by ‘Plume Blanche, Plume Noir’, with its sinuous melody line and elegant rhyming scheme… if you spend any amount of time digging into French pop from the 60s onwards, often you’ll be stopped in your tracks by an arrangement or a particular chord progression and you’ll think “I bet Jean-Claude Vannier’s involved in one way or another.” (The Quietus)

03. A Man, A Rock, and A Mountain

“Sisyphus was granted permission by Pluto to return to earth to chastise his wife. But when reacquainted with the pleasures of mortal existence, he refused to depart. After many years of ignoring the warnings and anger of the gods, Mercury snatched Sisyphus back to the underworld, where his rock and his mountain awaited him. It was Sisyphus’ hatred of death, scorn of the gods, and his passion for life, that led to his eternal labour.

Roy Jones’ Sisyphean labour begins anew on December 3rd. Despite the patina of humiliation betraying the corrosion of this idol, he continues to sully his legacy and risk his health. The aim here is to examine potential reasons for the sad continuation of Jones’ career. By identifying his reason, it’ll be possible to determine whether Jones labours in hopeless futility.” (Calixsports)

04. Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels: Behind One of WWE’s Greatest Rivalries

“Around the halfway point of WWE’s Greatest Rivalries: Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels, Jim Ross says, “We’ve just seen some clips of things between you two guys that … became very personal.” Released in late October, the DVD recounts the two iconic wrestlers’ late-1990s feud. Ross’ quote comes just after a segment that details how the Bret Hart-Shawn Michaels relationship turned sour. This is a no-holds-barred dual interview — that’s how it’s billed, anyway — but nonetheless Ross had to choose his words carefully.” (Grantland)

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