01. Off-Kilter, Laid-Back Stand-Up (Pictured)

“The stand-up comedian Hannibal Buress was poking fun at a woman in the front row at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in Chelsea recently when he paused to wonder aloud if it was possible to remain likable while insulting the audience.” (NY Times)

02. Common Reflects on His Foulest Lines

“There’s nothing sweet about Common. Though he’s penned a number of love songs and has become sort of a poster boy for conscious rap in the last decade, the Chigaco lyricist had a penchant for dropping gratuitously brutal lines in the first half of his career. Com is apparently channeling his old self on his ninth album, The Dreamer, The Believer—particularly on the LP’s most recent leak, “Sweet.” “You come around my crib, you get your shit took,” Com says at the tail end of the song. Com’s venomous post-song rant may not fit his current image, but it actually pales in comparison to some of his old bars. He once called Craig Mack ugly and poked fun at American Olympic diver Greg Louganis for hitting his head on a diving board. Com spoke to XXLMag.com about the repercussions of his foulest lines.” (XXL Mag)


“Jimmy Savile is being buried next week. It’s ’cause he’s dead you know. He will be remembered for many reasons. Aside from charity work and running marathons, he achieved all manner of stuff, not least in the world of men’s styling.” (Style & Error)

04. On Homesickness

“A few weeks ago I found myself accidentally enacting the drama of a book I was reading. The book was Homesickness: An American History, and I was reading it on the subway, somewhat embarrassed by the title, which, held up right in front of my face, was like a sign saying: Here in New York, I can’t cut it. I comforted myself with the idea that I was only a few stops from home, where I could read safe from potential pity. But when I got to my door, I discovered that I’d locked myself out.” (The Paris Review)

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