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Take a moment, if you will, and listen to Amanda Renshaw, Phaidon Press’ editorial director, on NPR this week discussing their new massive book, The Art Museum. A 10 year project in the making, The Art Museum is as the title states: a comprehensive “museum” collection of the world’s most important works of art, cataloged, freshly photographed, and referenced across nearly 1000 pages of print. More than 2,700 works are shown across pages that occasionallt fold-out for even richer and larger looks. Did we mention it measures 16 1/2 by 12 5/8 inches?

The Art Museum is a virtual walkthrough the world of art and may be the only art resource book you will need. Published by Phaidon and available now through all great bookstores and Amazon. #essential

Many more looks inside The Art Museum tome after the click.

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