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The Sneakermuseum in Cologne, by The Good Will Out, recently opened an exhibition about Stussy shoe collaborations. Rather than looking at all shoe collaborations by the brand, we wanted to take a closer look at their work with Nike over the last 10 years – 2001-2011. While most of these sneakers were featured on Highsnobiety at one point or another, there are also quite a few which released before our site even existed.

Stussy has been in the game for such a long time and what this look back demonstrates once again, is that they have been doing cool stuff since a very long time as well. The collaboration term might feel like it is all, at least that is the impression one gets when watching all these big brands jump on the train. But like minded brands and individuals have been working together on great product since way before.

Over the last 10 years Stussy has done everything with Nike, ranging from re-imagined classics to modern running shoes – some bolder in terms of design, some more classic. In some cases Stussy brought on board another brand or designer, such as Neighborhood and James Jarvis.

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