01. The Thriller in Manilla (pictured)

Here’s a look at the 2009 documentary on the Thriller on Manilla, which takes a more even look at what happened in the build up to the fight. (Youtube)

02. So long, Smoke

“As a youngster, Joe Frazier saved $200 he had earned for working more than 1333 hours at Beanie Trask’s vegetable fields in Beaufort, South Carolina, and hopped on a Greyhound bus. He would make a stop in New York before finally settling in Philadelphia.

It is a trip that would define Frazier for the rest of his life.” (The Score)

03. Seeing Frazier Beyond His Combative Self

“There was a funeral after a snowstorm. Most of us were able to get to the synagogue on a peninsula on Long Island, but we knew it would be tough, driving from Philadelphia.

The service was over when a car pulled up in the driveway. Joe Frazier and his son Marvis disembarked, dressed in black. They had driven a long time to pay their respects to their friend Ellen, who had become a listening post, a telephone friend, for the champ in his pensive moments.” (NY Times)

04. Joe Frazier, Winner Of “Fight Of The Century” And One-Half Of “Thrilla In Manila,” Passes Away

“On Sunday, word spread across the Internet that legendary heavyweight Joe Frazier had died. As it turned out, he hadn’t. It was an echo of the moment in the “Thrilla in Manila” when Muhammad Ali said to Frazier, “They told me you was all washed up.” Answered Frazier: “They told you wrong, pretty boy.” Frazier wasn’t done Sunday. He was always a hard man to keep down.” (Queensbury Rules)

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