Many brands have developed nice looking watch cases and straps, turning the iPod Nano into an everyday watch around your wrist. But the fact that the device is not water resistant always made it a little difficult. Boombotix presents The Proof, a sealed case that will not let any water onto the Nano.

Rather than stopping there, they have developed three unique adaptors for the case, in order to allow you to use the iPod Nano differently, depending on what you need it for. Pretty smart.

“The Proof is constructed for durable polyurethane coated with a thick silicone wrapping. The touch screen on the iPod Nano retains full functionality with the use of an ultra thin polycarbonate lens. The strap on the Proof is made of ultra thick, yet flexible silicone. With this engineering, we’ve managed to create an IP68 grade seal to protect the nano up to a 3m depth. With The Proof, say goodbye to water damage or impact casualties and say hello to doing everything you love with the convenience and control of your music right on your wrist.

There are three adapters that can be fit to the Proof. Each one performs a unique function. The purple adapter offers complete protection and minimal size for users that look to use the Nano as simple waterproof watch without audio access. The Green adapter allows you to access the auxiliary jack on the nano to use with headphones or speakers (note: the green adapter does not provide the full IP68 protection) The blue adapter has a built in bluetooth transmitter that will allow you to pair with most bluetooth audio devices so that you can enjoy the freedom of wireless connectivity.”

For now this is a Kickstarter project, that you can support here. Hopefully they will make the design a little nicer before going into production or at least make more colors. Check out the video here below.

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Boombotix 'The Proof' Sealed Waterproof iPod Nano Watch Case

Boombotix 'The Proof' Sealed Waterproof iPod Nano Watch Case

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