Where form meets function

If you are in Los Angeles, I’d highly recommend coming out for this show. It opens November 12th at Known Gallery.

Traditionally oil and water do not mix. The surf, hot rod and motorcycle cultures that grew out of Southern California from the 50’s-70s however, were all connected by the idea of personal freedom and expression-not conforming to the standards of the societies they existed in. For this show we are bringing together dozens of artists and craftsmen from these respective backgrounds and beyond-from legends to rookies. Each artists will be provided with a particular canvas: a blank board from City Fog Surfboards, helmets from Biltwell, gas tanks from Lowbrow Customs among other items.

Via: Oil and Water

Video of Wes Humpston after the jump. And if it doesn’t get you excited about the show, I don’t know what will.

Us Versus Them presented this video for your viewing pleasure.

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