01. A Guide for PC Buyers Not Looking for a Tablet

“If you’re shopping for a laptop this autumn, you’ll find most of the capabilities and prices in the sluggish market unchanged. You’ll still likely be considering whether it’s time to get a tablet instead of a new laptop.” (allthingsd)

02. If You’re Buying a New Camera, You Must Use This Website

“Buying a new gadget is hard. We try to help as much as we can! But there are little things you need to know, like the exact size of a camera compared to another camera, before you buy. CameraSize does exactly that.” (gizmodo)

03. Official iPod Retail Display w/ First Gen 5GB iPod – RARE

“This is an official iPod display from the initial launch of the iPod (The Mac only 5GB 6pin FW version!). Inside the display is my own personal original iPod! When I put it in here, it was still working, though the FireWire cable needed a bit of jiggling to charge properly (A known issue with this model).” (ebay)

04. Twitter starts pushing out real-time activity streams

“While the massive amount of information flowing into Twitter often makes discovering unique, new voices difficult, Twitter is rolling out support for real-time activity streams to help users follow new accounts.” (digitaltrends)

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