L-R: Matthew Murphy, Kirk Beattie (Photography: Ross Trevail)

After attending their London fashion week presentation, we caught up with B Store’s Matthew Murphy to find out about what B Store are up to, their growing womenswear collection and what’s next.

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SL: Why a presentation?

We felt that it reflected both the mood of the ss12 collection and our current attitude towards presentations. b store has always had a different stand point each season and opportunities to work with creative’s from many different media’s, it makes sense to us to utilise these opportunities.

SL: How did it work?

We worked with previous collaborators hellicar and lewis to present the collection through performance, film and music. All 3 were closely linked to create a live installation that filmed the dressed models performing in one room that was then transported to another room full of screens. There was live effect’s incorporated within the film that were triggered by movement and music, this created a living installation and led to the title of the presentation ‘inside out’

SL: You’ve done catwalks before, what works best for you guys?

Presentations are the best vehicle for us as a brand to show our collections. The spirit of b store has always been closely linked to creating something different but not challenging. We understand that we are a fashion brand and not artists but we view our presentations as a creative tool to convey our inspirations and vision for b store.

SL: Do you think that menswear is better suited for presentations and other ways that allow closer inspection than catwalk shows?

Not necessarily, I feel catwalks are as important, it depends on the brand. I think the idea of offering a closer inspection on the garments is actually more relevant to luxury women’s wear, for example the coture salon shows in Paris make sense for the final customer to be up close to understand the detail but I think the catwalk/presentation is of more importance to translate the feel, atmosphere and vision of the brand.

SL: Is womenswear a bigger focus now?

This was the first collection from our new womens wear designer, chloe struyk and we were really happy with the finished collection. From the start as menswear designers, we understood who the b store guy was and therefore designed with him in mind. With the women’s we found it more difficult and really needed a fresh perspective. We worked very closely with Chloe so that the collections had a singular theme but we made sure not to influence any of her design decisions.The end result meant we were happy to focus on the womens and viewed this collection as an official launch.

SL: How has the brand evolved since its inception?

10 years ago we launched as a shoe only collection, so the evolution has seen b store become a brand with men’s and women’s shoes, clothing and accessory lines. The flagship store has grown in size and there has been many projects including liberty, gloverall and baracuta collaborations, pop up shops and ongoing projects with dover street market.

SL: What’s next?

We have an exciting 12 months ahead of us with the opening and re location of the store to kingly street on the edge of soho, an installation launch in conjunction with PITTI IMAGINE and SOCIETE ANONMIE in Florence in January, a shop in shop launch in Liberty of London in February and a pop up shop within Tokyo store TOMORROWLAND in March. In addition to these, we have the launch of both our 10th anniversary project, 10 for 10, the 5th issue of bmag and  the new unisex shoe collaboration with creeper specialists, UNDERGROUND…. we like to keep ourselves busy!

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