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Nike honors its nation’s veterans on this 11-11-11 with these special camouflage HyperElite uniforms — the brand’s most advanced and lightest production uniforms — for Michigan State University and the University of North Carolina, who will actually be engaging in a game on the USS Carl Vinson in what is being billed as the Carrier Classic.

The uniforms unique look is not even the main aspect of these as they are made of 80 percent recycled polyester created from recycled bottles. Nike unveiled this special eco-friendly driven jersey composition prior to the World Cup, but like most Nike technologies, it has filtered its way through another sport, this being NCAA Basketball.

The special edition uniforms being worn for the Carrier Classic will feature some prideful USA embellishments such an American flag on the heart of the unis and U.S.A. lettering across the back. Also, if you check the waistline, an 11-11-11 marking can be found beneath each respective team’s logos.

Take a further look at the uniforms after the jump as well as this video speaking on this project.

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