01. Gallery of Every Apple Store Facade

Beautiful images or each and every Apple Store since they opened their first in 2001. (thomashpark)

02. Famous Magazines’ First Covers

“In celebration of their 154th anniversary, our friends at The Atlantic shared a photo of their first cover, from November 1857. The difference between that image and the very different design the magazine is rocking these days sparked our curiosity about what some of today’s best-loved and most widely read publications looked like in their infancy. After the jump, we’ve rounded up debut covers of everything from The New Yorker to Vogue to Spin. We have to admit, some of them really surprised us” (flavorwire)

03. The 50 Greatest Boxing Outfits

“Professional boxing is not only about vicious combinations, effective defense, and brutal KOs. There’s a high level of pride to go along with the pageantry when two combatants make their way to the squared circle. It’s reflected in the specially tailored garments that they wear. Prizefighting is a combat sport, sure, but it’s also got a show business side to it. And part of delivering that entertainment is in the sometimes flashy, sometimes immaculate robe and trunks boxers rock in the ring.” (complex)

04. The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

“Not the most inspiring set of videos this week. Work harder, everyone! There were a few good ones, though, and we’ve got them listed below.” (stereogum)

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