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Berlin DJ Adam Port of Keinemusik (who covered issue 3 of Highsnobiety Magazine) runs down his top 10 tracks of year.

1. Till von Sein – #LTD // Suol
Been listening to Tills album back and forth all month!! Not only that he’s a talented DJ and producer, he’s also my booker and a very good friend. I’m very proud of his debut album.

2. Timo Maas feat. Brian Molko – Collage 84 (&ME Remix) // Rockets & Ponies
Rockets & Ponies family!! &ME’s Remix for Timo & Brian Molko’s (leadsinger of Placebo) “Collage 84” is an unparalleled groovebomb! Always have the video on my mind where Puffy is fanning fresh air to Timo while he’s playing the track at DC10.

3. David Mayer – Moment // Keinemusik
Our Keinemusik shooting star 2011!! I’m a big fan of his productions and of the sounding. Step by step Mayer has made his way into the happenings of electronic music, taking credit on the way. Big up David!!

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4. Cassy – Seteachotherfree // Perlon
The record is from 2010, but Cassy hasn’t released anything new for a while now. She’s one of my favourite artists. She’s got a great, moody voice and I’d love doing something with her some time.

5. D.B. – Limit // Keinerechte
One of the hits 2011, no doubt. On some afterhours this track was played up to 5 times in one night/day. I’m even starting to be bored with it, even if it was released on our bootleg label Keinerechte. On Ebay the vinyl fetched over 200€… Still can’t beleive it when thinking of the broken vinyl market.

6. Adam Port – Basement feat. Daniel Wilde // Moon Harbour
It’s difficult to say something about ones own music… To me “Basement” featuring Daniel Wilde on the vocals is a solid track which I will always enjoy playing again time after time. Moreover, Moonharbour is one of my favourite labels and I’m happy having released there. As icing on the cake, the track was featured on quite some important compilations.

7. Marcel Dettmann – Planning // Ostgut Ton
Actually I don’t really have a lot of techno in my DJ sets, but every now and then it happends that I add some hardness. Substitutional is Dettmann’s “Planning”. 1.2.3. Technooooo!

8. Osunlade – Envision (Âme Remix) // Innervisions
Another a big hit of the year. All big DJs have been playing it. It’s going to stay for many years to come. Already a classic!

9. R. – Wire // Keinerechte
Rampa in the house!! Love this tune! Nice work by good old R.

10. Adam Port – Weekend // Play It Down
Still find it kind of confusing when it reads “original track” behind the trackname, hehe…

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