01. component of a larger project (pictured)

We smell a trade show project…. (Gingerland)

02. 50 best: reissues of 2011

“Encompassing not just straight-up reissues but also first editions and compilations of archival material, our 50 best reissues isn’t just a celebration of music from days gone by; it’s also an opportunity to draw links between past and present, to examine how the records of yore have impacted upon the records of now. We’d even go as far as to say that the choice reissues in any given year can tell you more about what’s going on musically than any run-down of contemporary offerings could – after all, if you want to cut to the quick of any culture, you look at its canon. The canon – ever-shifting, ever-evolving – tells you what the culture thinks it is, what it wants to be.” (Fact Magazine)

03. SPD 47: Richard Turley’s Favorite Magazine

“Richard Turley (SPD 47 Co-Chair), Creative Director, Bloomberg Businessweek

Favorite magazine: ‘Sup Magazine

Music magazines are cursed by the paradox of musicians never having anything interesting to say, yet people asking them loads of questions anyway. And whilst I can’t claim to have read everything in ‘Sup, it’s such a great-looking mag I have to buy it just to feel like I read it.” (SPD)


“Should have finished writing this yesterday on Remembrance Sunday perhaps. Didn’t though. Today still want to consider the bad taste and general naffness of the flash poppy upgrades that are increasingly popular. On the TV show I go to known as the X Factor (to style the presenter), flash poppies are everywhere. Luckily my style co-operative agrees with me that an egalitarian paper and plastique option is only appropriate one.” (Style & Error)

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