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Sometimes the simplest ideas are still the best, proven here by Belkin. With the iPhone 4 S we got the first decent digital camera in order to product images and video on the go, but a few little accessories can still upgrade the experience and outcome considerably.

Two new LiveAction accessories by the brand include the Camera Grip and the Camera Remote. In conjunction with the LiveAction App for the iPhone and iPod Touch, you are good to go out an shoot.

“The LiveAction Camera Grip transforms an iPhone or iPod touch into a traditional digital camera, allowing the user to take pictures quickly, easily, and comfortably. The Camera Grip attaches to the charge connector of the device and fits easily over most cases. The integrated tripod mount attaches to any standard tripod for more stabilized control. Separate buttons for photo and video allow the photographer to quickly switch from taking stills to recording live action.

The intuitive LiveAction Camera Remote wirelessly activates an iPhone or iPod touch camera shutter from up to 30 feet away. Two button controls can instantly switch between photo and video functions. The detachable camera stand props up the device and then slides back onto the remote to create the ultimate pocket-sized camera kit.

The free LiveAction App features an intuitive on-screen interface to upload high-quality photos and videos directly onto Facebook or into an email without having to open another program. The app also allows you to capture still photos while simultaneously recording video of the same content so you don’t miss a single moment. Separate photo and video buttons make it easy to switch modes right on screen. In addition to working in conjunction with Belkin’s LiveAction Camera products, the LiveAction App can also be used alone as the primary camera app for the iPhone and iPod touch.”

Both accessories are priced at 50 USD and will release soon.

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