Where the runway meets the street
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Tom Kay, founder of Technical apparel brand Finisterre, spent his childhood by the sea, set himself up with a marine biology degree and went about challenging, in his words, “the villains of the day…big corporate surf companies making cheap cotton t-shirts in far flung, unnamed factories that they’d sell to folk who had never been near the water”. The aim was to keep production as ethical as possible, using recycled and natural products as well as keeping each stage of prodution traceable via the i-spy project map on their website. A brand with both a strong sense of community and of its responsibilty to the surrounding environment. We take a look at the Etobicoke, modelled by champion cyclist James Bowthorpe, the jacket is wind and waterproof, filled with primaloft eco synthetic insulation and tested on sherpas at the bottom of Everest just to make sure everything’s in order. Weather-wise, we’re guessing things get a bit rough around those parts. More over at Finisterre.

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