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A cool new iPhone case comes from Photojojo. As the quality of the iPhone camera gets better, you will of course continue to see lots of interesting upgrades for it, to get the maximum functionality out of it. We have come across many lens kits for the iPhone already, but the Photojojo iPhone Camera Lens Dial Case is definitely an interesting new one. It is certainly not very pretty, but it is practical. Instead of having several of the miniature lenses lying around in your pockets, the case comes with three and you can easily switch between them, by simply turning the dial. The device comes with a 0.7x wide angle lens, 1.5x telephoto zoom, and 0.33x fisheye lens. Furthermore you can attach a tripod to the case.

Priced at 250 USD, the case is definitely not cheap, but if you want to increase your iPhone 4/iphone 4 S shooting quality, it might be worth the investment.

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