01. Ode to St. John (Pictured)

Brian W. Ferry dedicates a post to one of his favourite restaurants, St John. (The Blue Hour)

02. ‘Imagery, And A Little Bit Of Satire’: An Interview With Frank Ocean

“I’m sitting with Frank Ocean’s PR in the Natural History Museum café. Frank Ocean is conducting an interview on the carousel. Not actually on a horse, but still I see him and a woman from ID magazine, surrounded by gold emblazoning, occasionally circle in and out of sight. I say I hope he’s not going to ask me to interview him on the ice rink. Frank Ocean’s PR says no, I don’t think he’ll ask you to do that. A while later he remembers to tell me something very important: Frank Ocean doesn’t see himself as an R&B singer, but a singer/songwriter. I say, yeah I was gonna ask him about that.” (The Quietus)

03. Personal Style: Glenn O’Brien

“Calling your book How To Be A Man could be considered presumptous, but ever since Caitlin Moran offered our female counterparts similarly clear guidance we’ve felt the absence of our own definitive behaviour bible. Enter American GQ’s Style Guy and all-round Renaissance Man Glenn O’Brien, who has written about music and art for Andy Warhol’s Interview and ArtForum respectively, dated Grace Jones and befriended everyone from Jean-Michel Basquiat to Kate Moss. He also hosted his own talk show TV Party, has performed stand-up comedy at a Hell’s Angels party – on a boat – and can even pull off socks with sandals. “I thought I should write something for an existing audience that I have,” O’Brien explains. “I’ve been sort of typecast as this style authority, so I thought I would use that as a cover for writing philosophy and getting some laughs.” Indeed, his catch-all book covers everything from to how to be a gentleman to how to insult correctly: “I am a man. I think every man should think about how to be a man. That’s why it’s a funny title.” So to summarise, what best lesson he’s learnt, sartorial or otherwise? “Think again.” Here he talks to British GQ.com about the aphrodisiac effect of Brigitte Bardot films, dressing like Bryan Ferry’s stunt double and how Thom Browne changed the world…” (GQ UK)

04. Cotto: I won’t fight Margs if not in N.Y.

“The saga of where the Miguel Cotto-Antonio Margarito fight will take place has now reached the level of surreal, with Cotto saying on a media teleconference Tuesday that if the fight isn’t in New York, he won’t fight.


Poor promoter Bob Arum sounded like he was about to have a heart attack when Cotto said that.” (ESPN)

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