North Sea Clothing are quite the wizards when it comes to top quality leather accessories, we covered their belts a while back and now we show you their superb tri fold wallet. Navy leather, always a winner these are made with an incredible amount of attention to detail. Garbstore are lucky enough to have these and tell is more, “Bench made by artisanal craftsmen in England. The products are all hand stitched (no sewing machine used) involving the use of two needles and linen thread treated with natural beeswax. The work is then held in a clam (a wooden handheld saddler’s vice) while the stitching is done. This is a highly skilled job, carried out by a single craftsman. This type of stitching is stronger and more flexible than machine stitching. All the edges of the work are hand creased (this is the decorative tooled line at the edge of the leather) using a heated handheld tool. Edges are then stained and burnished, by hand, to finish.” Phew, now that’s how you make a wallet. Garbstore.

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