Tune in and turn up

Fans of the seminal Washington D.C. band, Fugazi have in the past been given access to purchase their “live shows” in CD format. This week they are taking it up a notch with the launch of their “Fugazi Live Series” online site which catalogs and offers for download live performances since 1987. Fugazi, who have been on an extended hiatus for some time now, recorded an incredible number of their live shows on cassette, DAT, and CD throughout their years. The new “Live Series” offers fans and music lovers a chance to step back to almost any moment in the band’s history.

The Fugazi Live Series offers complete downloads, including all on and off stage banter, on a sliding scale that begins at $5, the same about they charged to admission to their shows over the years, and ranges from $1 and up. $500 gives you all access to the archive.  This is an absolutely essential archive to the music and legacy of Fugazi.

Need a starting point? I highly recommend March 6, 1992 from St. Stephen’s Church Hall in Washington DC.

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