Where form meets function

Hennessey has announced an open air version of its 1200 hp super car – the Venom GT Sypder. With prices starting at 1.1 Million USD. Only 5 of these will be build for 2013.

“Hennessey Performance (HPE) will offer it’s ultra lightweight supercar with a removable roof. Dubbed the Venom GT Spyder, Hennessey’s 1200 horsepower, 1200 kilo, mid-engine monster will offer an extra dose of wind and sound when driven without the top.

HPE will build just five Venom GTs for the 2013 model year, two of which have already been ordered. Deliveries will begin in the summer of 2012. Clients can purchase either model: the Venom GT – with a fixed hardtop roof, or the Venom GT Spyder – with the new removable top. Base pricing for the Venom GT is $950,000. The Venom GT Spyder is priced at $1.1 million.” (Via autoblog)

We especially like the subtle, yet exciting, colorway that Hennessey has given the super car, as seen here above.

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